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Israel hit Gaza, shortly after that Hamas replied

Following the killing of military wing of Hamas Ahmed Jabari, Israelis in southern Israel were prepared for a possible widening conflict. The government of Israel warned citizens living 25 miles of Gaza that there might be Hamas terrorist rocket attacks. A rocket was shot from the Gaza towards South Israel. A building was hit and killed three earlier today. These are the first civil Israeli victims since Israel started the attack against Gaza yesterday. Police announced that during the night almost a hundred rockets were launched from Gaza.

Israel's bombardment of Gaza has intensified after yesterday’s attack. Israel reported 3 people and Palestinians reported 19 deaths, including at least three killed late Thursday. Egyptian Prime Minister, Hisham Qandil will travel to Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised that country's action would be suspended during the visit. The Israelis killed in an offensive attack Ahmed al-Dzsabarit, Hamas-leader. Hamas said, that the “gate of the evil” has opened.

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