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Japanese women shave their face

Media have recently started to report on a trend according to which men are getting womanized, while women are getting more similar to men. Japanese women are living up to these claims big time, according to a survey by Dimsdrive that asked 2684 women about their shaving habits. It says that 59.4% of Japanese women remove hair from around their face. Additionally, in the summer month when all the body parts are visible nearly 40% trim back unwanted hair on their hands and fingers, nearly 30% felt the need to do the same with their feet and toes and almost 10% are shaving their shoulder and back.

Bikini lines, noses, chests, stomachs and the back of the neck also featured in a list of various hairy spots that the ladies liked to keep smooth.

As we know teenagers sometimes develop weird habits but the respondents of the survey are not even in their teens. Most of the women surveyed were married and in their 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s. It seems therefore that women do not do the extensive shaving habit for the sake of picking up guys. All the more that only 1 in 10 women said they are doing it because of that, others do it for themselves.

When the guys were asked their opinion, just 16% said they were often bothered by excess body hair on women, 28.2% barely noticed it and 17.1% claimed they couldn't care less.

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