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Mexican hurricanes: 123 people killed, 33 injured

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Mexico was thrashed last week by a rare tag team of tropical storms on opposite coasts, Manuel and Ingrid, that killed at least 123 people, damaged 72 roads and affected 1.5 million homes to various degrees.

A further 63 people are still missing, authorities said in the latest tally late Monday. The interior minister has estimated the final death toll could reach 200, with some 1.5 million homes affected.

While some experts say there was little Mexico could do against the first double storm assault since 1958, critics argue that the disaster was exacerbated by bad urban planning, poorly designed roads and widespread illegal logging.

The southwestern state of Guerrero suffered most from wrath of the storms.

Rescuers have been working for days to dig out a village in the mountains northwest of the resort of Acapulco buried in a monstrous landslide that crumbled roads and broke a bridge in half.

Authorities on a tour through the region Monday discovered a second "very similar" landslide nearby that left eight dead.

Prior to the storms, President Enrique Pena Nieto unveiled a massive investment plan to modernize Mexico's infrastructure, but his project now faces $3 billion in road repairs amid an economic slowdown.

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