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‘Mini-max’ jail within Australian SuperMax prison for extremists

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New South-Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a $47 million package today to build a new ‘mini-max’ jail within Goulburn’s SuperMax prison in the Southern Tablelands to house radicalised inmates as part of next week’s budget, reported news.com.au (Australia).

“It seems to me to be a good thing, so long as the way in which these prisons are designed and configured doesn’t mean all the terrorists are together in each other’s company reinforcing each other’s ideology,” Senator Brandis told Sky News today.

“I would suggest to my NSW counterparts a proposal like that has to work hand in glove with effective deradicalisation programs.”

Labor frontbencher Ed Husic said people’s thinking had to evolve because of the threat facing everyone and policy makers need to take new approaches.

Mr Husic told Sky News that new ideas need to be “considered in a calm and rational way.”
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton says the NSW government should be applauded for its plan to build a prison to house hard core extremists and is encouraging other state leaders to come up with similar initiatives.

“We don’t want people within the prison environment indoctrinated, being converted into a radical form of Islam,” Mr Dutton told reporters in Canberra on Sunday.
“We don’t want these people coming out a bigger threat than when they went into jail.”

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