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Missing Flight MH370 satellite data released

Forty-seven pages of raw satellite data tracking the last known movements of missing Malaysian flight MH370 have been released by authorities, reports Sky News.

The scheduled release follows calls from the families of the 239 passengers for the information to be made public, so it can be verified by independent experts.

Malaysia's transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, announced the data's publication while on a visit to a new international airport near Kuala Lumpur.

The aircraft has not been seen since it set off for the Malaysian capital from Beijing on March 8.

Earlier this month, Malaysian Airlines revealed it's biggest quarterly loss in more than two years, £82.3m, in the wake of criticism over the flight's mysterious disappearance.

The aircraft is believed to have crashed into the Indian Ocean off Australia's west coast.

But there has been no confirmed sighting of either the plane or debris, despite a major search operation involving several countries.

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