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Obama pardons a turkey

The US President Obama in the eve of Thanksgiving traditionally saved a turkey by pardoning it from a dinner table.
Since 1989 each year one turkey is saved from becoming a part of Thanksgiving feast by presidential pardon. George H. W. Bush was the first to officially pardon the turkey and other presidents continue this tradition. The turkey is chosen from the two officially given to the White House. To be fair, the second turkey also gets away from becoming a dinner and both of them spend the rest of their days in Mount Vermont. This year for the first time the Americans got to choose which turkey will be pardoned, Gobbler or Cobbler, by voting for them on the White House Facebook page. Cobbler won with 2769 “likes” agains Gobbler’s 2538 “likes”.
Thanksgiving is probably the best known holiday of the USA. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and has been an official tradition since 1863 when it was first proclaimed as a national day by Abraham Lincoln.
The tradition of Thanksgiving is said to be started in 1621 when the settlers at the Plymouth Plantation held a harvest feast after a successful growing season.
In 1941 Thanksgiving was fixed at the fourth Thursday in November by law.
Baked or roasted turkey is the main dish of Thanksgiving dinner. Some Americans even call this day the “Turkey Day”. The National Turkey Federation estimates that approximately 45 million turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving dinner table in the USA each year.

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