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OJ Simpson Home Knife 'Not The Murder Weapon'

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By Sky News US Team

A knife found at OJ Simpson's former Los Angeles home was not the weapon in the 1994 murders the ex-football star was cleared of committing, police say.

LAPD said they performed a range of forensic tests on the blade before ruling it out.

"We don't know if it's a hoax but there's no nexus to the murders, based on the testing we've done," LAPD Capt Andrew Neiman told Reuters news agency.

Simpson was sensationally acquitted in 1995 of the fatal stabbings of his ex-wife and her friend at the property, in what media called the trial of the century.

The police department said this month that a builder had apparently found the blade years ago when the home was being torn down.

The worker supposedly handed it to an off-duty or retired traffic officer, but detectives only recently learned of its existence.

The weapon was described as a small buck knife, which some experts said was not the type of blade investigators suspected was used in the killings.

Even if it had been the knife, Simpson couldn't have been tried again for the murders under America's double jeopardy rules, police said.

His former manager, Norman Pardo, recently told People magazine Simpson was "a little worried" the knife issue could in some way affect his parole.

Now 68, he is currently serving a prison sentence in Nevada for the 2007 armed robbery and kidnap of a sports memorabilia dealer.

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