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Otter's eyeball was grabbed by crab

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This otter obviously got a little too close for comfort for one vicious crab, after he ended up being grabbed in what looks like a painful attack on his eye socket.
Norwegian amateur photographer Andre Sorlie spotted the battle as the crab took on the sea otter - reported the DailyMail.

The 37-year-old photographer captured the attack on camera last summer while he was paying a visit to his in-laws in Hitra, Norway.

Mr Sorlie, from Blystadlia, Oslo, said:
'It took me a while to realise that something was wrong as the otter's head was turned away from me, but then it looked in my direction and I saw the crab hanging on for it's life.
'The otter was swimming straight towards me and I could see that the crab had a really good grip on its eye.

'Then it dived again and disappeared. I waited for some time, but they never popped up again after that so I don't know what happened to either the crab or the otter.
'The crab probably did the only thing it could to avoid being eaten... but I think the otter will definitely think twice before attacking the next crab it crosses paths with.'

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Location: Norway

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