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Petition launched to save Keith from being shot

A petition was launched to save Keith the seal from being shot. The seal lives in River Severn in Britain, miles from the sea. It possibly got stuck there after the recent severe flooding withdrew. Anglers from the Angling Trust initiated to shoot the animal because of its excessive fish consumption and eating other animals such as ducks. They said, “This marine predator cannot be allowed to carry on eating its way through freshwater fish that have taken decades to grow to a size.” The anglers first called upon environmental agencies to relocate the animal but they got no response. More than 400 people signed the petition launched by fans of the celebrity seal, to save its life. They argue that seals are protected species.

It is a common phenomenon that seawater animals get stuck in rivers, lakes due to flooding when they leave their natural habitat. In early January a seal was witnessed trying to climb over a fence miles inland in Cambridgeshire. Swans could be seen circling over streets in Abingdon, England in November 2012. At the same time salmons were swimming along a main road near Washington, US.

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