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Shark Attacks

Shark Attack in California
A 25-year-old surfer suffered serious injuries last Tuesday when a shark attacked him in Eureka, California. Other surfers pulled the injured man from the water and took him to a hospital.
Large sharks are apex predators and thus have little fear of any creature they cross paths with.
Every year around 100 shark attacks are reported worldwide. Seventeen fatalities are recorded as having being caused by shark attacks in 2011.
Between 1990 and 2006, 16 people died as a result of sand hole collapse, while 11 fatalities were attributed to shark attacks during the same time period.
Considering that tens of thousands of people come in close contact with sharks each year while swimming, surfing, or boating, the number of shark attacks is negligible.
Bees, wasps, and snakes kill more people each year than sharks.

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