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Stranger saves girl's life in supermarket

A stranger has saved a child’s life after she had collapsed and stopped breathing while out shopping with her mother in Australia.

Security camera footage shows two-year-old Shaylar's mother, Amy Collard, carrying her to a counter of a Perth supermarket to ask for help. The woman is then running outside to find her husband, Michael Narkle.

After that a couple, including tradesman Rowan O'Neill, rushed to help the girl by turning her upside down in an effort to revive her.

When Mr Narkle, the girl’s father, entered the store, broke down before he and Mr O'Neill tried to save Shaylar by shaking her.

When this failed as well, Mr O'Neill, builder by profession, began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation - and after 90 seconds the girl opened her eyes.

The girl spent the night in hospital for checks and was released to go back home. Doctors think that the seizure was caused by the fever the girl was suffering.

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