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Third All-Slovenian Uprising

Yesterday, December 21st, the Third all-Slovenian uprising took place in many cities around Slovenia. Protests were organized under the banner "We demand political elites to step down". The Slovenian police seized 15 Molotov cocktails before the protest.
The series of mass protests started more than three weeks ago in Slovenia when protesters demanded resignation of Maribor Mayor Franc Kangler. The organizers said earlier that the protests would turn into “all people’s uprising” with the demand of all Slovenian politicians to step down. There were already 35 protests against corruption and politics, with around 70 000 people participating. The protests reached their peak in early December when around 10,000 people gathered in Ljubljana and around 8,000 in Maribor.
Several thousand people rallied Friday in Slovenia's second city of Maribor demanding the resignation of the entire city council. In Ljubljana, several thousand people rallied in front of parliament chanting anti-government slogans in front of police barricades. The first three hours of Friday's protests, organized through Facebook, were peaceful and no injuries or arrests were reported by the police.

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