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Today Manning learns how long he will spend in jail

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It is sentencing day for Bradley Manning. The military intelligence analyst convicted of giving classified US files to WikiLeaks will learn today how long he is to spend in jail, reported Euronews.

While he could be imprisoned for up to 90 years, the prosecution has asked for 60 while the defence has asked the judge not to rob him of his youth.

Manning handed over files, battlefield videos and diplomatic cables to the pro-transparency website. He was convicted in July on 20 counts including espionage and theft. His accusers said he put national security at risk and described him as ‘enemy number one’.

But his supporters have disputed this and applaud his efforts to make Americans aware of the nature of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. A U.S. rights group has even petitioned for Manning to become a candidate for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

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