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Two Americans Shot Dead By Jordanian Policeman

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Two Americans and a South African have been shot dead by a police officer at a training facility in Jordan, according to a security source.

The officer reportedly went on a shooting spree at the US-funded facility for training Iraqi and Palestinian security forces in Al Muwaqqar on the outskirts of the capital Amman.

Conflicting reports suggest the police officer either committed suicide or was shot dead following the attack.

Jordan's government-owned Al-Rai newspaper reported that up to six people were injured in the shooting.

Jordan is a staunch ally of the US and home to several hundred US security trainers who form part of a military programme to bolster the country's defences.

US F16 fighter jets have been using Jordanian airfields to hit Islamic State positions in Syria and the kingdom's role in the war has concerned some Jordanians worried this could lead to Islamist attacks in their country.

An anonymous source told the Jordan Times newspaper: "It is not yet known whether the shooting was because of a dispute between the policeman and the contractors."

The source added that an official announcement would be made by authorities later.

No further information has become available and neither the US embassy or the Jordanian government was available for comment.

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