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Two mystery dolphins found washed up on Brittany coast

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Investigations are underway after two dolphins were found washed up on Brittany beaches this week for no apparent reason, at Perros-Guirec and Trégastel respectively, reported The Connexion France.

The animals were found on Thursday February 8 and Friday February 9. The local coast guard was reportedly the first on the scene each time, and called the Mairie to take further action after it was clear that the dolphins had unfortunately not survived.

The fully-grown mammals measured about 1m 50, and weighed around 35-40 kg. Neither of the dolphins had any visible signs of injury or other causes of death.

It is still a mystery how they ended up washed up on the beaches, with an animal welfare team from the LPO (charged with investigating the incidents) not clear if they were affected by injury, illness, or perhaps simple disorientation.

The discovery of the animals comes just one week after another dolphin was found dead in Locquirec, having been washed up on the rocks of the Moulin de la Rive beach.

“I see up to six dolphins getting stranded every year,” explains Quentin Le Hervé, who has worked as a coast guard for six years, speaking to local newspaper Ouest France. “It usually happens at the end of winter, between January and April.”

Anyone who sees an animal washed up on the beach is recommended to not touch it, as it could be carrying an illness, or be otherwise dangerous. If the animal is alive, the pompiers (fire brigade) should be called immediately.

Read more at connexionfrance.com

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