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Unusual grey lion cubs born in Ukraine

Three unusual lion cubs were shown to the world for the first time in a safari park in Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, NTD TV reports.

The cubs, all females, born to an ash-brown-colored father and white-colored mother on February 3, puzzled keepers with their grey color.

"We have witnessed a miraculous birth of grey cubs in the safari park. They were born to a white lioness and an ash-brown lion. It is the first time we have had lion cubs of that color. They are colored like wolves, but that doesn't make them any less cute than the usual cubs," said one of the keepers Olga Pirozhkova.

The cubs were rejected by their mother and were temporarily settled in Pirozhkova's flat.

The Taigan safari park, named after the valley it is located in, was opened two years ago and claims to be the biggest in Europe, occupying 36 hectares of the Crimean steppe.

There are 50 lion-strong population has an enclosure of 15 hectares.

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Location: Ukraine

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