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Vets miraculously save life of lioness who got mauled by buffalo


Siena is a lioness who recently got severely mauled by a buffalo. It's so bad that looking at her standing up with her leg almost ripped off her body looks like a surreal scene from a zombie movie.

Happily, the vets rushed to save her life so she could take care of her cubs.

According to Barcroft TV, on April 4 "Dj Njoroge from the Kenyan Wildlife Trust was flown from Nairobi to the nature reserve where the injured lioness stood with her cubs." With lions in danger of extinction, every life counts at the Masai Mara Nature Reserve in Kenya.

Siena is a lioness who recently got severely mauled by a buffalo. She was fighting a buffalo when suddenly another buffalo from the herd decided to step in and save his friend.

The dramatic scene was captured on camera in the Mjejane Reserve on the border of the Kruger Park last year in December. But the footage, where the group of vets were rushed to save her life, was just recently published.

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