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Gunman Opens Fire On Missouri Bus

Video Preview

By Sky News US Team

Authorities have released the video of a bus shooting in which a teenage girl was injured, as they hunt for the suspect.


The surveillance footage released by Kansas City Area Transit Authority shows a city bus rolling down a street when a man suddenly pulls out a gun tucked in his pocket and fires several times into the moving bus.

The man, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and dark trousers, appeared to be waiting at a bus stop.

The bus' windows were instantly shattered.

The bullets shattered the glass and the two passengers run for cover

Police say a 15-year-old girl and her apparent boyfriend quickly jumped out of their seats as bullets and pieces of glass flew all around them.

The girl was injured but reports said that she has recovered in the aftermath of the shooting, which took place on 30 December.

The video has just been released, with police hoping it might help them locate the suspect.

Detectives suspect the girl's boyfriend might have been the intended victim.

"We're still putting together the pieces of the puzzle," Police Captain Derek McCollum told ABC.

"But from what we understand is that this was not a random act and our victim may know who that suspect is."

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