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Villagers worship a cow born with a third eye

This is the three-eyed calf being worshipped as a deity in India.

The baby cow was born with the additional organ in the middle of his head, much like the Hindu god Shiva.
Visitors have flocked the village of Kolathur in Tamil Nadu, southern India, to see the special calf for themselves.

The calf's owner, Rajesh, says the animal is a 'miracle' sent to bring good luck to their village.

Shiva is one of the foremost deities of Hinduism, and the Supreme Being of Shaivism, one of the most influential denominations within Hinduism.

One of the key identifying features of Shiva is the third eye on his forehead, which can emit flames. When Shiva loses his temper, he opens his third eye to burn things to ashes.

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