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Voters 'Turned Off' By US Election Debate

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Exactly one year from today, Americans will go to polls to elect their 45th president  - reported the SkyNews.

By the time 8 November 2016 rolls around, it is estimated those involved in the presidential campaign will have spent more than $5bn (£3.3bn).

While the next 365 days will be a blur of rallies, debates, TV ads and actual voting, a relatively small number of Americans actually hold the keys to the White House.

Jefferson County in Colorado is one of a handful of swing counties across the US which have come to hold significant power in swaying elections.

The county is centred around the town of Golden, known as the 'gateway to the Rocky Mountains', and is evenly split between registered Democrats, Republicans and independent voters.

"As JeffCo goes, Colorado goes," they tell you here - and Colorado is a pivotal state.

But so far the people of JeffCo don't appear overly impressed by the race.

Jonna Devine, a member of a campaign group which saw victory in a contentious and expensive school board race this week, said national politicians needed to listen to the people.

She told Sky News: "What we see with regard to the 2016 presidential election is too much to the right and too much to the left, we hear a lot of rhetoric and we don't see a lot of substance that says moderation."

Her fellow campaigner, Shawna Schatz Fritzler, added: "To be talking about next year's election, that is a whole year away and it has been talked about for the last six months, I think the public is turned off by that, we have had enough of the attacks ads.

"It is like the day before Halloween, all of a sudden Christmas comes out. We're not ready for it."

With Hillary Clinton almost certain to be the Democrat nominee, much of the debate in the race now is about who she will face from the Republican side.

The GOP faces a challenge in Colorado, a state with a booming Latino population and socially liberal movement in things like the legalisation of marijuana.

But Republican blogger Kelly Maher said: "We have women and minorities on the Republican side. Those are attributes not accomplishments, and we have people who have accomplished fascinating and really exciting things on our side."

As for a random selection of Coloradans we asked, Mrs Clinton appears favourite to win with a smattering of people who believe Donald Trump will stay the course.

Although one man said: "I don't know. It is pretty scary at the moment."

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