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Snowden 'healthy and safe' but his whereabouts is a mystery

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Whistleblower Edward Snowden is healthy and safe says WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange - but he refused to reveal his whereabouts, reported SkyNews.

Assange confirmed the former CIA intelligence analyst has applied for asylum in Ecuador and possibly other countries.

It comes as the US authorities continue their hunt for the 30-year-old American who flew to Moscow from Hong Kong on Sunday.

He was set to board a flight to Cuba today after he was reportedly checked-in.

But Snowden did not appear to be on the Havana-bound Aeroflot plane.

Journalists on the flight posted pictures of an empty seat, number 17, believed to be where the American was expected to sit.

Assange, speaking from inside Ecuador's embassy in London where he has been holed up for months, denied Snowden was a traitor and a spy.

He condemned what he called "bellicose" statements from US Secretary of State John Kerry who dubbed Snowden a traitor to his country.

Mr Kerry also warned both Russia and China that their relations with the US might be damaged by their refusal to extradite him.

Assange denied Snowden, who is being accompanied by WikiLeaks representative Sarah Harrison, was a traitor or a spy.

He said: "The current status of Mr Snowden and Harrison is that both are healthy and safe and they are in contact with their legal teams.

"Edward Snowden left Hong Kong on June 23 bound for Ecuador via a safe pass through Russia and other states."

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