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Why ‘American Idiot’ is making a comeback in the UK

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The year 2004 was strange for all of us.
MySpace bulletins were all the rage, as was high-pitched emo wannabe punk and black-and-white studded belts, reported News.com.au (Australia).

Oh — and Green Day was making a strange faux-political comeback with a song about how bloody awful the United States was.

Well, slap on some black eyeliner and pull out that digital Kodak camera, because American Idiot is making a comeback.

The song, one of the band’s biggest hits, was written under the George W Bush administration, released a year after the US invaded Iraq.

A campaign is now under way in Britain to make the 2004 classic the No.1 tune on the UK charts by the time President Donald Trump arrives on Friday.

There’s even a Facebook page devoted to the cause, with over 22,000 followers and hundreds of shares per post.

The campaign encourages people to download the song between Friday, July 6, and Friday, July 13, to push the 14-year-old single to the top of the Official UK Charts.

Why is this happening? Just for fun, apparently.

“Because we’d find it hilarious and reckon thousands more will find it hilarious too,” the Facebook page creator wrote. “If you don’t like then great … just don’t like it then, but we really couldn’t care less. We’re doing this anyway.”

The campaign is already working. As of July 7, American Idiot was sitting at No.9 on iTunes.

Two days later, it became the No. 1 single on Amazon’s list of best-selling songs. As of today it’s hit No.1 on Google Play.

As CNN notes, the musical campaign has become something of a British tradition.

Back in 2008, a DJ started a Facebook campaign to get Rick Astley’s 80s anthem Never Gonna Give You Up to No.1 as a way of protesting the top 40 hits at the time.

The latest effort may not get Mr Trump booted from the White House in a hurry, but it’s kinda nice to throw back to a simpler time.

Our next challenge? Pairing capri pants with Von Dutch trucker hats in protest of the war in Syria.

Get amongst it.

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